A Shared Philosophy Ensures Repeat Business

When Holiday House Distributing, the largest distributor of OCS, water and vending parts in North America, needed a modification to a ball valve design, there was no question that it would ask The Specialty Manufacturing Co. (SMC) to create it. Although Holiday House could have chosen to continue to perform manual assembly of the fitting, [...]

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Powerful online valve specification tool takes the guess work out of selecting the right valve

Now design engineers can quickly navigate through intuitive menus of valve attributes to identify the right valve for their application. Introducing The Specialty Mfg. Valve Configurator. The powerful online specification tool hosted at https://www.specialtymfg.com guides users based on their requirements with no guess work. Once the configurator displays the search results, users can view and compare the [...]

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Designing Customized Plastic Check Valve

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of all sizes turn to specialized companies to address unique problems with using standard types of components. This is particularly important if the company is known for its innovations in product development and a focus on integrating the cutting-edge of modern technology. When these companies needed help with their plastic check [...]

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The Importance of Check Valve Applications

Small parts are the most important components for fuel systems, especially when space is at a premium and you need a brass or plastic check valve that perfectly fits your needs. Often, companies specializing applications such as water methanol injection kits for diesel and gasoline engines, have problems and turn to The Specialty Mfg. Co. [...]

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