Case Study: Push-button Relief Valve

Challenge: Redesigning a Replacement Valve for Aerospace Application

In response to a need within the aerospace industry, a customer needed to find an alternative source for a custom push-button relief valve used in helicopter seats. The abrupt discontinuation of production by the original manufacturer necessitated finding a new supplier in a tight time frame.

Additionally, the limitations of off-the-shelf valves posed a significant obstacle in meeting the strict specifications of the original model. Maintaining compatibility with the existing infrastructure and functionality requirements was paramount. This prompted the search for a partner with custom design capabilities.

Solution: The Engineers at The Specialty Mfg. Co. designed a more robust and effective solution surpassing customer expectation.

The push-button relief valve design achieved superior functionality with the enhancement of the O-ring material and simplification of the internal components. The solution not only met but exceeded seal and actuation requirements when used in the application.

Benefit: With a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities, The Specialty Mfg. Co. provided alternative manufacturing solutions, reducing costs, and expediting time to market.

Based on forecasted order quantities, the high costs attributed with designing and purchasing a mold for injection molding, the company leveraged its diverse machining capabilities to provide cost effective solutions. Final parts were machined out of Black Delrin, and this approach reduced the price per part and lead time when compared to injection molding.

The partner of choice for tailored solutions

Vertical integration of services from design, scheduling, manufacturing, purchasing, quality verification, packaging, customer service and shipping allows The Specialty Manufacturing Co. to provide the highest quality, tailored solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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