Challenge: Streamline Operations and Enhance Efficiency

Holiday House Distributing, North America’s leading distributor of office coffee service (OSC), water, and vending parts faced inefficiencies while integrating The Specialty Mfg. Co’s stock 074-Series plastic ball valve into their fluid transfer system. Seeking to improve the assembly process, Blackie Ouellette, General Manager of Holiday House Distributing, approached The Specialty Manufacturing Co. with a challenge: to create a customized ball valve that would seamlessly integrate into their system without the need for additional components or assemblies.

The request was to modify the 074-series ball valve with a 0.5-inch male National Pipe Thread (NPT) end, a feature not available as a standard stock part from The Specialty Manufacturing Company. Ouellette explained, “We typically review The Specialty Mfg. Co.’s product catalog for suitable options and inquire about possible modifications.”

Solution: Efficient Engineering by The Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Responding quickly, the engineering team at The Specialty Manufacturing Co. modified the outlet of the existing design, reducing its size to half an inch per the specification. The solution not only met the size requirements but also exceeded pressure and leak-proof standards. The newly designed custom valve eliminated the need for extra assembly processes, making it more cost-effective and easier to integrate into the end unit.

Benefits: Enhanced Prototyping and Speed to Market

Utilizing in-house 3D printing capabilities were instrumental in prototyping, allowing for thorough testing to ensure compatibility and functionality before production. Ouellete commended “Whenever The Specialty Manufacturing Co. knocks out a solution and sends me a sample, that sample is spot on. I’ve never had to send one back to have it redone.”

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, the team at The Specialty Manufacturing Co. capitalized on its design and manufacturing expertise, especially in design engineering and injection molding for this project. The design phase, including drawings for new injection molding tooling, was completed in 17 days, resulting in a 10-week lead time for delivery of the final custom valve.

The partner of choice for tailored solutions
At The Specialty Manufacturing Co. we pride ourselves on tackling projects that challenge the status quo. “I’ve never encountered a challenge that The Specialty Manufacturing Co. couldn’t solve.” Stated Ouellette. From initial design to manufacturing, quality assurance to shipping, The Specialty Manufacturing Co. sets the bar high for delivering high-quality, tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


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