Committed to Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Operating an environmentally friendly production facility requires a focus on two key areas: reducing energy consumption and responsible waste management. These two pillars provide the structure and commitment to eco-friendly business practices, a core value of The Specialty Manufacturing Company.

Pillar one: Reducing Energy Consumption

This pillar includes a variety of initiatives from LED lighting to rooftop solar installations. These strategic investments provide long-term benefits and increase environmental sustainability.

Switch to LED lighting
In 2020, The Specialty Manufacturing Co. upgraded 150,000 sq. ft. of production facilities from fluorescent tube lights to LED lights, which resulted in:

  • 46% reduction in energy consumption
  • 75% longer product lifecycle, thereby reducing waste and maintenance costs
  • Recyclability of used LED lights

Switch to Smart Thermostats
Investing in programmable digital thermostats has minimized energy waste through precise temperature controls and automatic heating and cooling schedules. This proactive approach has reduced annual energy consumption.

Compressor System Upgrade
Continuing our commitment to efficiency, we undertook a significant upgrade to the compressor system. By utilizing multiple units and an equalization tank, we effectively distributed the load, thereby minimizing the number of on/off cycles of the main compressor. Overall, this enhancement resulted in annual reduction in energy consumption, further reinforcing our dedication to sustainable practices.

Machine Upgrades
Advancements in technology for both injection molding and metal machining provides significant increases in energy consumption. Strategically upgrading the machines on our manufacturing floor benefits our customer with the speed, agility, and quality, while also improving our overall energy consumption of our facility.

This year, machine upgrades included:

Investment in Solar Energy
Our most significant sustainability efforts took place in 2018 with the installation of two 400kW rooftop solar fields. Consisting of a total of 2,462 panels, the rooftop solar field generates clean energy, diminishes the carbon footprint, and offsets energy use.

This initiative produces:

  • 976,000 kWh of clean energy annually
  • 4,880,000 megawatts of energy since installation

Pillar two: Responsible Waste Management

In conjunction with energy reduction efforts, environmentally friendly waste management makes up the second pillar of The Specialty Manufacturing Co.’s eco-friendly commitment.

Production Waste Management
A variety of initiatives are in place to address the environmental risks associated with manufacturing biproduct, including responsible recycling of plastic, metal, and oils. These measures aim to mitigate waste entering landfills while promoting recycling and reuse.

Plastic: 50,000 pounds of plastic scrap are recycled, which is then reintroduced to the injection molding market as regrind.

Oil: Each year, 1,800 gallons of oil are recycled and repurposed for various applications or used in oil-based processes.

Metals: We recycle 700,000 pounds of various metals, including brass, aluminum, steel, and mixed metal. These metals are re-formed and sold as recycled content.

eWaste Management
Responsible management of electronic waste, also known as IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) can be broken down into two areas; reuse and recycling. At The Specialty Mfg. Co., we partner with OceanTech, a Minnesota-based leader in ITAD services, holding an R2V3 certification. This certification ensures to a “no landfill” policy, ensuring that no waste from The Specialty Manufacturing Co. enters a landfill.

Annually, 1,300 pounds of eWaste is recycled through OceanTech’s ITAD program.


Environmental awareness is one of the core values of The Specialty Manufacturing Co., guiding deliberate decisions around every aspect of our operations, from production processes to company growth and sustainability endeavors. With over 100 years of experience, our team remains committed to the upholding the highest standards in our manufacturing and production processes to protect the health of our environment.

Contact our team today to partner with our environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.