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Specialty Mfg. News

The engineering behind SecureTip’s innovative saliva ejector: An interview with Specialty Dental

SecureTip was looking to improve performance of its saliva ejectors for clinicians and patients, while also reducing manufacturing costs. Read More

Innovations in Dental Tool design

See how The Specialty Mfg. Co’s. value added design and manufacturing capabilities were applied to improve the function of hand held tools for dentists, Read More

Grooming Future Manufacturing Leaders

The Specialty Mfg. Co. partners with other local manufacturers to teach students about manufacturing and develop future potential employees. Read More

Chlorine Dispensers for Safe Water: Scaling for Results

A chlorine dispenser situated at the point of water collection is being piloted in Kenya and has been well received by communities, with a 69% take-up rate. Identifying how to scale up this approach could drastically alter the rural water landscape and allow more children to be saved from the scourge of diarrhea. Read More

William Boss and His Specialty Manufacturing Company

The Specialty Mfg. Co. has a rich heritage of innovation that spans more than a century and four generations. Founder William Boss was an agricultural engineer that received numerous patents for his inventions including a lawn mower – grass collector (1902), and a garden hose reel (1918). Boss founded The Specialty Mfg. Co. in Read More

Press Releases

Specialty Manufacturing Partners with Local High School and Manufacturing Peers to Kick Off Internship Program

SMC Manufacturing and three other local manufacturing companies (Mold Craft, Du Fresne Manufacturing and Schwing) have created a partnership program with White Bear Lake High School to give students the opportunity to work with and explore interests in four types of manufacturing. Read More 

The Specialty Manufacturing Company Named to List of Minnesota’s Top 150 Workplaces and #1 in Overall Benefits.

The StarTribune has named The Specialty Manufacturing Company to the publisher’s list of the 150 Best Workplaces in Minnesota.  This award is the result of the Minneapolis, MN based newspaper and online news outlet’s annual review of employers across the state. Read More

Specialty Manufacturing’s custom design services open new opportunities for dental valve technology

As dental technology advances, inventors and innovators are looking for better ways to deliver effective products to market. Custom design services from Specialty Manufacturing (SMC), formerly known as Marr Valve Company, meet these needs by using decades of manufacturing and engineering expertise to create tailored designs for clients.  Read More