Tailored Engineering Meets Miniaturization Requirements While Containing Costs

custom miniaturization of valves

Challenge: Engineering for Reliable Diesel Exhaust
A global diesel equipment manufacturer faced a challenge when they needed to reduce the size of a valve on a diesel exhaust system. This change necessitated sourcing smaller valves that could fit into a reduced footprint manifold while maintaining reliability and functionality.

Solutions by Specialty Manufacturing Company
In response, The Specialty Manufacturing Co. collaborated closely to develop a preset and tamper-proof cartridge-style regulator that could be threaded into the smaller manifold. While the core design maintained standard internal components like the spool spring and seal, the focus was on customizing external elements such as ends, threading, and materials. These modifications ensured the new valve met compatibility and performance standards.

Benefits of Partnering with The Specialty Manufacturing Company
The customized modifications, though subtle, proved highly effective. Specialty Manufacturing successfully met the size requirements while also delivering a cost-effective valve solution that increased the overall reliability of the system. This partnership showcased Specialty’s expertise in precision engineering and customization, ensuring the diesel equipment manufacturer’s exhaust system operated with optimal efficiency and durability.

Your Partner of Choice for Tailored Solutions
At The Specialty Manufacturing Company we pride ourselves on tackling projects that other manufacturers shy away from. Our wide range of in-house capabilities allows for complete visibility and collaboration throughout every phase of design and production. Our experienced team of experts are here to make your ideas a reality, making us the partner of choice.

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