Where Dental Valves Are Used

If you look at a dentist or dental hygienist’s patient workspace, you will find various components and tools. From HVEs with suction tubes to hand held scrapers and probes. Most of what you see relies on some form of valve to control the flow of air or water through the tools used to maintain and repair our teeth. Whether it is a pilot, pneumatic toggle, pneumatic push button, pneumatic needle, routing, pinch, ball or check valve, every valve produced for the dental industry is designed and manufactured for long life and precise functionality.  

At Specialty Dental, a subsidiary of Specialty Mfg. Co., we offer all the above options and more, with various customizable and custom options available. Our specialty is doing what others can’t or won’t do. We do this through value added design capabilities and vertically integrated manufacturing processes. With 120 years of experience manufacturing metal and plastic components, we understand the importance of high quality and durability. Specialty Dental components are used in applications that allow dentists to optimize their tools to provide the best care possible.

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