With a long history of design engineering expertise and value-added services for functional design solutions, Specialty Manufacturing is committed to establishing a successful design partnership with every customer. Through ‘value added engineering’, Specialty Manufacturing modifies or enhances a standard product or solution so that it becomes measurably better for the customer. The company takes standard, off-the-shelf components and adds value through the process of listening, evaluating, designing, and testing solutions for unique business challenges.

Value added engineering can deliver a range of outcomes; it can offer cost benefits or solve a chronic problem in a unique and innovative way. It can increase product reliability or alter the product design so it performs more efficiently or effectively. It can alter a product functionally so it works with a completely new set of variables. Often projects have several positive outcomes as a result of working with the team at Specialty Manufacturing. Value added services can be applied to minor product adjustments or to major product and system redesigns. Specialty Manufacturing’s experience adding value to designs in order to optimize function and manufacturability gives customers the confidence of knowing they’re getting the best possible components and the most competitive pricing.

The design partnerships exist internally at Specialty Manufacturing between functional manufacturing areas, and design partnerships are established with customers. The engineering teams at Specialty Manufacturing have strong sets of skills including the ability to communicate and collaborate with customers. They routinely involve people with experience in a variety of manufacturing disciplines. For over a century, Specialty Manufacturing has been a leader in manufacturing innovative products. The company is known for its successful designs, creative custom solutions, and expertise in problem solving. Specialty Manufacturing welcomes challenging projects and delivers exceptional results to customers worldwide.