Value Added Engineering for Manufacturability


Featured on the popular ION television network’s World’s Greatest series, The Specialty Manufacturing Company is profiled as one of the world’s greatest valve manufacturers. The presentation showcases why the company is a trusted source of products and services for companies in industries around the world. Specialty Mfg. is a diversified manufacturing business, over 100 years old and family owned. That’s over a century of expertise specializing in the following:

  • solving problems
  • listening to customers
  • providing solutions

Daniel McKeown, Specialty Mfg. CEO, discusses the strengths of the Specialty Mfg. business model focused on commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Based on leveraging vertically integrated manufacturing, capabilities and services are all housed ‘under one roof’. McKeown also describes the range of products and services available, the many industries using Specialty Mfg. products, and the company’s unique expertise designing innovative products, including large mechanical fixtures for other factories around the world.

Specialty Manufacturing has what you need, no matter the size of your manufacturing project:

  • Specialty Mfg. offers standard ISO certified valves; it fills and ships thousands of orders every day.
  • Specialty Mfg. works with companies to customize standard products. The customization can be anything from a small adjustment to a major redesign, depending on the requirement and the project.
  • Specialty Mfg. welcomes projects that require a fully custom solution, eagerly taking on projects that others can’t or won’t attempt. By offering precise CAD models, data sheets, and product samples customers can test, the Specialty Mfg.’s proven process ensures customer satisfaction prior to putting a new product into production.

McKeown promises a commitment to high quality and standards in all production runs, no matter the size, from hundreds to millions, and for all customers, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Customers can depend on Specialty Mfg. for the exact product they need delivered on time, every day – proof that Specialty Mfg. is truly one of the world’s greatest.

Watch the video here: