Small parts are the most important components for fuel systems, especially when space is at a premium and you need a brass or plastic check valve that perfectly fits your needs. Often, companies specializing applications such as water methanol injection kits for diesel and gasoline engines, have problems and turn to The Specialty Mfg. Co. options for a solution.

What is a Check Valve?

A specialized valve that is often used when traditional valves won’t do the job is called one-way valve. They are designed to let fluid or airflow through a system in one direction only. A plastic or brass check valve has an internal mechanism like a ball or diaphragm that opens when fluid is flowing, and if it starts to reverse its direction, it closes. You’ll see one-way valves in many pumping applications today.

Water Methanol Injection

A water methanol injection system is designed to inject a mist of moisture and ethanol into an engine while it’s running. This can increase horsepower and performance because it allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently. It uses a system which may have a tank, pump, solenoid and line or hose to deliver the moisture and methanol. It also needs a check valve in the system to prevent backflow.

For some applications, these systems use a 1/8-inch brass check valve as a filter for the system. However, most high-performance engines don’t have much available space, and they needed something to handle the limited footprint requirements. In many applications, a customized standard 1/8-inch valve is required to meet the space and performance requirements.

The experts at The Specialty Mfg. Co. can develop custom check valves with a short turnaround time. This will allow your company to maintain the production lines running and serve the needs of your customers.

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