As the food processing, beverage, and clean water industries grow, so does the need for ball, check & miniature valves, and one & two-way ball valve applications. NSF rated and PVDF valves are some of the most sought-after parts. In fact, search data from industrial component marketers show that NSF valves are some of the most searched for items in their inventories. To address these demands, The Specialty Mfg. Co. offers custom valves to meet the needs of your application.

Our chemically resistant PDVF valves are gaining in popularity. In fact, a top worldwide distributor is expanding its line of The Specialty Mfg. Co. valves from 239 to more than 280, to include NSF listed and PVDF valves.

Why Use PVDF?

For many years, stainless steel was the standard in the clean water and food and beverage processing industries. PVDF stands for Polyvinylidene Fluoride, and its unique properties make it an excellent replacement for stainless steel check valves in many applications today. PVDF is resistant to many chemicals and resistant to corrosion, and it offers some advantages over stainless steel:

  • Lighter in weight – a PVDF ball valve is considerably lighter than stainless steel.
  • Cost-effective alternative
  • Strong resistance to corrosive materials – one & two-way ball valve applications made from PVDF have a wide range of uses.
  • Smooth surface resists the growth of bacteria and microorganisms.

PVDF is not meant to replace all stainless-steel parts, but it can provide cost-effective solutions to many businesses today.

There are suppliers that specialize in metal and plastic valves under one inch. We solve problems that other companies cannot solve. Our valves include check & miniature valves, and we usually ship orders within 3 weeks. We have over 100 years of successful design engineering and customer service experience. Call us today at (651) 653-0599 for more details.