A Century of Success Breeds Superior Value

As one of North America’s oldest and most respected manufacturers of valves and couplers, The Specialty Manufacturing Company has a unique and valuable set of resources to offer its customers. Value begins with products which are manufactured to ISO standards. The value is exponentially increased by Specialty Manufacturing’s ability to leverage expertise across multiple manufacturing and engineering disciplines, bringing the best ideas and product components together for the most efficient manufacturing processes. The end benefit is customer satisfaction in a high-quality product and cost-effective results on every project.

By working with Specialty Manufacturing, benefits of operational size and experience – economies of scale – are passed on to the customer, including: 

  • quantity discounts related to procurement and bulk purchasing
  • specialized manufacturing equipment and quality control processes for every manufacturing specialty
  • production-runs that are well-planned and well-executed resulting in high-quality products, higher production volume, and lower costs per unit
  • programmed production that delivers finished goods exactly when they are needed

Through leveraging a structure of seven vertically integrated manufacturing disciplines – machining (including 5 axis milling), stamping, grinding, plastic injection molding, wire EDM,  plus assembly and related engineering expertise for those processes all located under one roof – the company can access efficient enterprise-wide resources for its own production lines and for customer projects. Regardless of the size or scope of a project, Specialty Manufacturing collaborates successfully with customers every day to develop solutions for unique manufacturing problems that other companies cannot do or won’t even consider.


For well over a century, The Specialty Manufacturing Company has lived up to its reputation as a leader in manufacturing. It has the equipment, expertise, and flexibility to provide cost control, manufacturing efficiencies, and reliable delivery to businesses in industries across the globe.