Specialty Mfg. is a trusted source for standard check valves, for custom work involving basic valve modifications, and for fully custom fluid-control solutions.

Check valves, also known as back-flow valves, are used in an endless number of applications to ensure fluid flows in one direction only. Even though check valves are routinely used in industries and products world-wide, it is not always clear which type is most appropriate for design modifications or new projects:

  • Ball check valves involve a ball-shaped closing mechanism to block flow, relying a conically tapered surface for the ball to fit into, forming a positive seal and preventing reverse flow. Ball check valves are an appropriate choice for high pressure applications.
  • Piston check valves use the motion of a piston sliding back and forth to control the flow of fluid along a tube or pipe. Piston check valves are ideal for low flow rates and are used in applications where seat leakage is unacceptable.
  • Poppet check valves consist of a moveable element that opens, shuts, or partially obstructs an opening to control the flow of fluids in a pipe or tube. When applications require high-flow, poppet check valves are often used.

Check valves are generally frustration-free devices and standard valves can be used without modification, but complex applications often require customization. Click this link to read a check valve tutorial and see how Specialty Mfg. has provided innovative solutions for several unique fluid control applications.

At Specialty Mfg., we understand the dynamics associated with flow-control and welcome the opportunity to design an optimized solution with you.