In the wake of the recent halting of operations by Chudnow Manufacturing, The Specialty Manufacturing Co. has announced the availability of Chudnow Manufacturing’s most widely used valves. “With Chudnow customers facing assembly line shutdowns due to shrinking inventories of critical valves, Specialty Manufacturing is ready to fill this gap and quickly provide the valves needed to keep critical assembly operations going” commented Specialty Manufacturing’s, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nate Gerdes.

Immediately available are replacements for the popular S-470 (one example pictured here). Specialty Manufacturing is able to quickly customize virtually any metal or plastic valve under 1″.

For more details on the exact Chudnow replacement valve you need, please email us today or call 651-504-3287 to reach our customer service team.

Chudnow S-470 and Specialty Mfg. replacement valve