Vacuum Canisters

The Specialty Mfg. Co. manufactures a diverse line a Vacuum Canisters. These canisters have two HVE tubing ports and one SE tubing port. Multiple configurations are available.

  • ABS Body and Lid
  • Polyethylene Screen
  • Nylon Bracket
  • Buna-N Seals
View Series Options & Specifications
View Series Options & Specifications

Vacuum Canister for a Wide Range of Applications

With decades of experience behind us, we have acquired a significant amount of knowledge when it comes to designing and creating the high-grade vacuum canisters you need for your operation. We create canisters in several different sizes and designed for a number of industries. Each vacuum canister benefits from a tough construction and the use of premium materials, resulting in longevity and durability.

Easy to Maintain

Not only do our products benefit from excellent performance; they are also designed to be user-friendly as well. That is why we manufacture components from high-grade plastics and metals, resulting in tough options which should give years of useful service. The canisters we create are made in such a way that minimal maintenance is required – a real advantage if your vacuum canister is located in an inaccessible area. Once in place, most of the time the vacuum canisters we provide can be left to do their job without further intervention.

Buy a Vacuum Canister from the Dental Experts!

The Specialty Mfg. Co. invests considerable time and money in research & development, doing everything we can to ensure that our products are as advanced, user-friendly and dependable as possible. We have been around for nearly a century- we believe the secret of our on-going success is to never stop trying to improve standards and push the boundaries when it comes to creating products which offer optimal results and excellent value.

The Specialty Mfg. Co. Custom Difference

As a manufacturer with over a century of experience, we have built our company to not only create the Metal and Plastic valve solutions that solve a huge range of flow control challenges, but also to manufacture and assemble them in the numbers and time-scales you need to support your production operations. Since 1960, we have refined and vertically integrated design and manufacturing processes that assure the highest standards quality control at every step of the manufacturing process.

When you can’t find a catalog item to fill your application’s requirements, we offer full custom manufacturing services to ensure you have the exact valve solution for your unique needs. Bring us your difficult projects. We routinely work with customers to solve the design and manufacturing challenges that other manufacturers can’t or won’t even attempt. To find out more about our services, chat now and tell us what you are looking for, contact us online or call us at (651) 653-0599.