Plastic Ball Valves


Plastic Three-way Ball Valves made in the USA

Plastic Ball Valves

Widely utilized to control liquid flow, plastic ball valves are a highly effective component. Similar to their metal ball valve counterparts, plastic ball valves are a more affordable option that offers some advantages over metal. At Specialty Mfg. Co., we specialize in the design and manufacture of valves under 1 inch in flow diameter offering trusted custom and customized options.

Though very similar in design and function, there are some key differences to note with plastic ball valves when compared to metal. Here are some examples:

Less Expensive to Manufacture at Production Scale

One of the great advantages to using plastic in almost any situation is lower cost. If practical, end users can reduce overhead cost by using plastic.


Less vulnerable to corrosion, scratches and wear than their metal counterparts, plastic ball valves can offer a longer service life and great reliability.

Corrosion Resistance and Chemical Compatibility

 With corrosion resistance, plastic ball valves can be utilized indoors and outdoors. Additionally, many plastic ball valves have a chemical resistance not found in metal valves, allowing them to be applied in some of the harshest chemical control applications.

Less Temperature Transfer

 If your process involves handling chemicals and other liquids in hot or cold temperatures, a metal ball valve may be more likely to transfer heat or cold from it. Plastic ball valves do not transfer heat or cold nearly as easily, and can help maintain the starting temperature of the liquid being controlled.

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