The Benefits of Customized and Custom Valves

Ideas For Engineering the Exact Valve You Need

When standard off-the-shelf valves don’t make the grade, engineers must consider non-standard alternatives. Two options for this? Customized and custom designs.

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At Specialty Mfg. Co., we take a different approach. While most flow control component manufacturers see non-standard designs as either an afterthought or a nuisance, we design and manufacture valves to fit a customer’s specific need. This allows the design engineer to avoid a stock part that is under built and hurts performance or overbuilt and wastes money.

Updating a component’s design can improve efficiency, reduce space requirements, and reduce total system costs. As with any project, design engineers must balance the competing demands of deadlines, costs and expected performance. Download the eBook today to make sure you’re considering all of your options – not just what comes standard off-the-shelf!