Specialty Mfg. is proud to release its new Ezine, “Solving Flow Control One Valve at a Time…Ideas Around Fluid Control, Design and Manufacturing”. The publication showcases the company’s manufacturing model, a sampling of its innovative custom solutions, the collaboration with long-time partners, and a link to the online valve configurator.

The business philosophy, value-added engineering, and integrated manufacturing capabilities at Specialty Mfg. are foundational to its success (pages 1, 3, and 12).

Sample Specialty Mfg.’s innovative ‘real world’ design work featured in these articles:

  • a redesigned method to clean fuel injection and air induction systems for a supplier of aftermarket automotive products and equipment (page 2)
  • a solution for fuel line backflow experienced by a fork lift manufacturer (page 4)
  • a valve to fit a smaller manifold design for a diesel equipment manufacturer (page 4)
  • a water flow valve solution for a large pork producer in the USA (page 5)
  • and a custom zerk for a manufacturer of excavating equipment (page 10)

Specialty Mfg. works closely with two long-time, valued partners, Holiday House, a distributor of OCS, water and vending parts (page 6) and Great Lakes, a producer of air flow products (page 8). Read about the collaboration between Specialty Mfg. and each company to see innovative solutions for their unique industry challenges.

As part of the value-added engineering culture, Specialty Mfg. has created an online tool called the Specialty Valve Configurator (page 3). This interactive tool guides you through a list of features to find the exact valve needed for an application. Based on component selections, the tool produces CAD files, 2D and 3D drawings. Product data sheets can also be viewed, downloaded, or printed.

The guiding principle behind work at Specialty Mfg. is “We do the things other manufacturers can’t or won’t do”. For more than a century, Specialty Mfg. has created standard and custom valves to solve problems and bring the ideas of a diverse engineering audience from concept to reality.

See for yourself the amazing innovation at The Specialty Manufacturing Company.