It’s rare for any manufacturer to offer value added engineering, precision machining, plastic injection molding, stamping, grinding, and assembly under one roof. At Specialty, we use this combination of capabilities to bring ideas to life. Everyday we work with customers around the world to help them bring products to market faster.


Precision machining requires deep expertise, a range of advanced equipment and a history of successfully applying best practices. We adhere to rigorous machining standards. We work with you from initial design consultation through testing and on-time shipping of your machined components. More


We produce millions of components and finished goods annually, for use across a range of industries and consumer finished assemblies. Our state of the art presses and tooling equipment and versatile injection molding team allow us to support short lead times and flexible programmed delivery. More


Our contract assembly services enable you to streamline your supply chain by producing fully assembled, ready to install components that meet your specifications. We coordinate in-house capabilities and outside services to shorten your lead time and simplify your life. More


With over a century of engineering experience we have helped make thousands of ideas into real functional components. Our process applies advanced engineering discipline to assure both functional design and design for manufacturability. More


We strive for quality through continuous process improvement and support at every level – from technical project managers to inspection equipment customized to meet our customer’s needs. Our customers benefit a process flow that has been refined over 120 years and counting! More


An array of metal stamping presses enables us to turn out close-tolerance, complex parts delivered to the exact specifications of your project in a variety of different materials, tonnage, and dyes. More


We leverage in-house tooling design, secondary operations, and proprietary manufacturing processes to create industrial blades and machine knives in a range of cutting-edge profiles at the best possible lead times. More


We offer in-house Wire EDM capabilities to provide precise cutting electrically conductive materials with a high degree of precision and minimum to no tooling required. We’re experienced with a variety of materials and can support customer provided options for custom projects. More